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Prime Fish Feed Is an Aquaculture Project development, consulting and training company - operating worldwide. Owned by Multi Feed owner.

Prime provides complete services based on the client's specific needs.


Prime Feed 

Prime is a unique fish feed formula for African Catfish and the Tilapia, for best results. Prime Feed, exactly like the famous feed "Multi-Feed", is produced by the most advanced Extruder technology available.

Aquaculture projects

Setting Up Aquacultural Projects. Prime providing a complete product. From the planning stage and on to the engineering and building stages with professional supervision throughout.                                                                         

Aquaculture Development Strategy

Building development plans and providing consultancy services for developing Aquaculture - at a Ministerial level.                                                                               

Extension Services

Field workers giving field service at farms, including supervision and direction.                                                      



Providing Aquaculture training courses for both farmers and government officials.



All the equipment for aquaculture.


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